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Stone Tile Installation

How is Stone Tile Installation Done for Floors?

If you are having stone tile installation completed for your floors, you may wonder what steps an installer will take when installing the tile. Here is a general outline of what will happen when you have stone tile installation done on your floors. The first step an installer will take s mixing the thinset. The thinset adhere the tile to your sub-floor. A tile installer will then begin to apply thinset to the back of tiles and lay uncut tiles. Where they begin varies based on the pattern being completed. Once all full-sized tiles are laid, cut tiles will be placed. Sealer and grout are then applied, though the order in which each is used varies based on the type of stone tile being installed. The area will then need to dry, before it can be walked on. Are you looking to have stone tile installation done in your home? Let AG7 Tile Natural Stone Inc. help you.